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unleash your full potential

We're here to help you grow. Unleash is a career coaching marketplace for Millennials, designed to give you the best coach for your needs. Whether you're figuring out your next steps, or want to become a better leader, we've got the right support for you. 

Dima Portrait

Founder Journey

Hey 👋  I'm Dima, it's nice to see you here! 

Unleash was born out of my frustration in the whole coaching experience. When I felt stuck in my career, I wanted support to figure out what my next step should be. Finding a coach was extremely hard, and when I ran out of options to find one, I decided to make the process easier for everybody. 

I trained as a coach during my MBA at Stanford, and built a career in people empowerment at the United Nations and Meta; I'm proud that I can do that at scale with Unleash. 


We're building the ecosystem for growth. 

Getting the right support you need to advance in your career is game changing. You don't have to do it alone, and we're here to help you think through big decisions, develop skills to be an impactful leader, and unleash your full potential


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