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Big Rocks First

How To Align Your Time With Your Priorities

Big Rocks First
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About this Session

Being mindful about how you spend your time and energy allows you to be more fulfilled with your life and improves your performance. Use this exercise to assess if the way you're spending your time today aligns with your priorities in life, and take actions to get there.

Key Takeaways

1) Big rocks are your priorities, give them the time and attention they deserve.

2) Assess where you are today and how you would ideally be spending time and energy. Make a plan to get there.

3) Commit to small changes over a set period of time.

Reflection Questions 

These questions are meant to coach you through examples from your own life. They will help you think through issues you face. Be true to your feelings and realities when answering them. We will provide you with comments on how to dive deeper in your reflections to maximize the benefits from coaching. 

What are the 4 big rocks in your life?

How does where you currently spend your time compare to your "Big Rocks" - your REAL priorities?

What are 3 actions you will take to focus on your Big Rocks in life? By when are you going to take them?

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