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I Am, I Am Not

How To Define Your Leadership

I Am, I Am Not
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About this Session

If someone was writing a biography about you, how do you want them to describe you as a leader? What do you want to be known as? How do you want people to feel around you?
This session will help you define your leadership style and take action to be more authentic and live up to your goals and values.

Key Takeaways

1) Make a list of three sentences that start with "I am" and "I am not"

2) Reflect on your choices and ask yourself what made you choose them

3) Let these lists guide actions you take, and how you show up to yourself, and to the world

Reflection Questions 

These questions are meant to coach you through examples from your own life. They will help you think through issues you face. Be true to your feelings and realities when answering them. We will provide you with comments on how to dive deeper in your reflections to maximize the benefits from coaching. 

How do you want people to feel around you?

Write 3 sentences starting with "I am". What made you choose them?

Write 3 sentences starting with I am not.
How will you know you are doing things that do not align with your values? What will you do to stay on course?

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