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Wheel of Life

How To Get An Overview On Your

Wheel of Life
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About this Session

The Wheel of Life is your starting point in coaching. It helps you identify areas of your life you need to work to feel better about how you spend your time and energy. Use it when you want to reflect on your life as a whole, and reassess every quarter to see how you've changed. We advise you to use a pen and a paper to draw a pie that represents your wheel.

Key Takeaways

1) Prioritize the different aspects of your life by how important it is for you to excel in them

2) Ask yourself difficult questions and answer truthfully

3) Breakdown goals into small actions that will help you get there. It’s a journey not a sprint.

Reflection Questions 

These questions are meant to coach you through examples from your own life. They will help you think through issues you face. Be true to your feelings and realities when answering them. We will provide you with comments on how to dive deeper in your reflections to maximize the benefits from coaching. 

List your 8 categories in order of priority

How do you feel about the lines on your pie? What makes you feel this way?

Which area do you want to focus on? How would it look like if this area was a 10?

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