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David Schweidel

Communication Coach

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My approach to coaching is to listen, ask questions, offer suggestions, and create an atmosphere that lets you think out loud, explore possibilities, and take steps to achieve what you want and what you need. Part of the process is inner – knowing who you are now and who you want to be – and part is outer – learning how to manifest the qualities that matter most to you. I can help with both.

Coaching Expertise

For the past ten years, I’ve been a communication coach at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, as well as coaching in the private sector, helping people improve their professional presence, leadership communication, public speaking, storytelling, and business writing. I’ve also worked with Ph.D. students as they prepare for interviews and presentations, and with speakers in Stanford’s LOWkeynotes program, helping them transform their initial ideas into polished, nine-minute TED-style talks. In the private sector, I’ve helped clients become more confident, composed, and effective as managers and leaders.

Industry Focus

Most of the people I’ve worked with have been rooted in the tech world of Silicon Valley – engineers working to develop better management skills, entrepreneurs pitching for funding, young leaders trying to figure out how to get their project off the ground.

Target Clients

Professional Background


Coached at Stanford Graduate School of Business and in private sector (mostly Bay Area) for 10+ yrs.



Studied cultural anthropology at Stanford, UCLA & UC Berkeley. MFA in Creative Writing from U of AZ.

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