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Eduardo Olimpio

Eduardo Olimpio

Leadership Coach

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I have 15 years of experience in R&D and tech products, working as an engineer and product manager. I am currently the co-founder and CTO of Miggos, a YC-backed startup building the new infrastructure for the fashion supply-chain in Latam. Previously, I led product and product operations at iFood - the Brazilian lead food delivery app - and Uber. I am passionate about engaging teams with solving real problems that people face in their daily lives using technology.

Coaching Expertise

My coaching practice is focused on helping leaders in tech companies engage their teams around a common mission. That involves getting deep into the mission and values of the team, then recognizing how that unfolds in practice and the inner emotions that it triggers inside and outside the team. Each session involves a conversation where clients get vulnerable, followed by homework and an action plan.

If we succeed, expect a more engaged team that will question more but will be fulfilled by their job. This leads to a higher retention rate, and more creative thoughts on the solutions proposed that will drive business impact with more satisfied customers and stakeholders.

Industry Focus

Target Clients

Professional Background


Startup Founder (YC-Backed) & Product Lead



Masters of Applied Physics - Delft University of Technology

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