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Dr. Margie Serrato

Congratulations on taking the bold step towards your personal growth through coaching! The most succinct way to describe my coaching purpose is that I empower people to empower themselves through deep self-awareness, clarity of choice, and freedom from cultural norms and expectations--which applies to many areas far beyond career growth. My gift is to help you to realize that you have immense power within, and to support you as you navigate your future in powerful ways.

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Coaching Expertise

I have coached over 60 clients who are vastly diverse in gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, careers, and relationship status. I believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole--and I help people to believe in themselves and trust themselves more fully, no matter who they are. My magic is in seeing expansive possibilities, which applies to unleashing my clients' power in the world. My clients' testimonials always have three things in common: they trust me, because they feel safe in a judgment-free space; they feel seen and heard, because I am fully present with them; and they leave greatly empowered to live in the ways that are meaningful to them, freer from social expectations and their own limiting beliefs.

Industry Focus

I am industry agnostic, though I have coached clients who are nonprofit CEOs, entrepreneurs, tech startup leaders, academics, and career-pivoting. Ultimately, I focus on helping my clients to trust themselves, so that they can design their future with greater clarity and intention--whether in career, relationships, finances, or anything else--with their own metrics for success.

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Target Clients

  • Founder/Business Owner

  • Individual Contributor

  • Entry Level

  • Director/VP

Coaching Certification


ICF Certification as Associate Certified Coach, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Positive Intelligence Coach

Professional Background


Transformational Speaker, Author + Coach, Cultural Expert, Multipotentialite



Texas A&M University - PhD in Anthropology, University of Central Florida - BA in Anthropology and Psychology

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