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Great leaders have coaches

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Northwest Executive Education

We have partnered with Northwest Executive Education to provide selected participants with executive coaching. 

Our coaches are all US based, and most of them are Stanford affiliated. The Northwest Executive Education special rate is $257/session.

Fill out the form to express interest, we will send you 2 matches by email, you can have a free chemistry call with one or both coaches, and from there you can decide how to move forward. 



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Trusted by leaders at:

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& many other startups, VCs, & PE firms

What does coaching do?

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Our coaches provide personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your professional goals. Whether you're looking to land your dream job or advance in your current career, our proven track record can help you get there.

A selection of your coaches

We are highly selective in choosing our coaches, sourcing only from top-tier schools and companies, such as Stanford GSB and Columbia. They are experts in their fields, and want to help you grow. 



Life, Leadership, and Career Coach

As an investor turned startup founder who has undergone multiple career pivots myself, I love helping people build confidence, develop better habits and processes (especially for sleep, exercise, and time management), and find purpose and meaning in their work - whether through reframing a current role, launching a side hustle, or navigating a career change. My mission is to help people define their goals, come up with a plan and process for hitting them, and provide encouragement, structure, and accountability along the way. In my spare time I can usually be found in the mountains on a pair of skis, at my kitchen table watercoloring, or at a local coffee shop over-caffeinating myself with overpriced coffee.

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of clients met their goals


have more confidence in their skills


increase in job satisfaction

Don't take our word for it

Most of our clients have found success with our career coaches that have truly transformed their careers and overall happiness. Here are a few examples:

Jimmy has been a great help so far, he helped me so much in figuring out why I do things & lead me to better decision-making. Jimmy also guided me through building an awesome team, fundraising, and communicating effectively with stakeholders. Never thought coaching would be that helpful!


David called me out on how I was putting unrealistic expectations and setting myself up for stress and failure. It was an “aha” moment” for me. He challenged me, shined light on things I couldn't see, and is helping me grow into an inspiring leader

Director of Product

Executive Coordinator

Tanisha helped me identify my strengths and how many leadership skills I already have. She helped me identify thought patterns holding me back and how to reprogram my behavior to make sure they don't hinder my professional success. She really took the time to listen, understand, and provide plans and resources.

Become a master

People need 3 things to succeed at a job, we help with 2 of them.

Technical Skills

Wellness and Life Skills

Leadership Skills

Grow your skills

Coaching allows you to reach your full potential. It enables you to strategically overcome hurdles that are blocking you from unleashing the best version of yourself. With coaching, your and your team's decision-making, management, and leadership skills will improve.


We have many tracks that suit different needs. Here are a few you can learn more about them below.

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Deep Work

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Career Growth

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Unleash Your Full Potential

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Tell Us What You’re Looking For

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Get Your Matches

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Schedule a Free Chemistry Call

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Start Your Coaching Journey

Take our free 3 min quiz so we can save you hours looking for the best coach for you

Browse through your top hand-picked selection of coaches 

Have a free 30 min conversation with your selected coaches to see if they’re the right fit for you and your goals

Unleash your full potential with your dedicated coach! Your journey is designed to fit your needs, whether that’s one call or a long-term commitment

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