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Renée Motley

Executive Coach

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My coaching approach is grounded in my belief that coaching is an opportunity for transformation and disruption - Disruption of current behaviors, mental models, and assumptions that are no longer serving you. During our time working together, I will employ a holistic approach to coaching - encompassing what is going on for you both during and outside of working hours. My 9 years of experience in tech and investing have given me a deep understanding of the many challenges leaders face in both their professional and personal growth journeys. I invite my clients to examine these key topics and identify priorities with a critical yet compassionate lens and bias towards action. Now in my 4th year of professional coaching and certification training, I truly enjoy partnering with clients as they move from a place of internal awareness to external results.

Coaching Expertise

I have 4 years of professional coaching experience and have completed formal coach training coursework through the Newfield Network, the Co-active Training Institute, and Stanford Graduate School of Business. While I have coached individuals from diverse backgrounds across various career stages, my expertise lies in co-designing a trusted partnership with my clients rooted in thoughtful inquiry, targeted challenge, and structured accountability.

Industry Focus

Given my background spanning venture capital, Wall Street, startups and post-IPO tech, I have worked with clients across all of these industries and beyond. Some of my favorite coaching topics include: navigating big life changes such as career transitions with confidence and clarity, incorporating balance and prioritization as a habit, strengthening effective communication skills and interpersonal dynamics, and overcoming imposter syndrome and negative self talk.

Target Clients

My core coaching clients are high-performing leaders who are committed to their personal and professional development journey. They range from early stage startup founders and teams to finance professionals, tech managers, and management consultants. I love working with clients who are ready to challenge themselves to lean into their growth edges and realize long-lasting change in their lives.

Coaching Certification


Co-Active Training Institute, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Newfield Network

Professional Background


ex-JPMorgan, ex-Robinhood, ex-VC



Harvard BA & Stanford MBA,

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