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Tess Brigham

Certified Coach, Psychotherapist and Author

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My coaching is designed to empower you to gain the confidence you need to create your dream career and life through concrete and actionable steps. I integrate my experience as a psychotherapist and knowledge of human behavior into my work as a coach. This unique blend will help you gain insight and understanding into yourself while simultaneously reaching your goals.

Coaching Expertise

With over 15 years of experience I've worked with thousands of individuals and teams to: -Increased confidence and overall life/career satisfaction -Gain clarity on personal and professional goals -Improved productivity and communication skills -Elevate daily mood and reduce stress I don't believe coaching should last forever. My goal is to teach you the tools and techniques you need so you no longer need me.

Industry Focus

Being in the bay area, I've had extensive experience working with clients in tech and start-ups. My background in entertainment gives me a unique perspective for individuals working in the creative field.

Target Clients

My focus for the past 10 years as been on working with young professionals (Millennials, Gen Zers) who are struggling with leading for the first time, setting boundaries, navigating burnout and communicating more effectively. In addition, I work with individuals who want to find meaning and purpose in their lives and build a career that makes them want to get up on Monday morning.

Coaching Certification


Board Certified Coach -

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist - Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Professional Background


Prior to becoming a coach, I represented actors in Hollywood (so I've got some pretty good stories).



BS - Boston University

MA - University of San Francisco

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