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Building a startup is a rollercoaster
Don't do it alone

Leadership and career coaching for startup leaders and founders at any stage.

Become a master

People need 3 things to succeed at a job, we help with 2 of them.

Technical Skills

Wellness and Life Skills

Leadership Skills

Transform Yourself and Your Team

Coaching allows you to reach your full potential. It enables you to strategically overcome hurdles that are blocking you from unleashing the best version of yourself. With coaching, your and your team's decision-making, management, and leadership skills will improve.


We have 8 tracks that suit different needs. Learn more about them below.

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Deep Work

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Your coaches from Stanford and Silicon Valley

Incredibly accomplished and fully vetted, our coaches are leaders and experts in their fields. They will transform the way you approach challenges, and empower you to achieve your goals. Here are a few of them:

Tanisha Jain

I coach ambitious professionals to cultivate their inner champion so they can take bold risks and live an authentic and purposeful life. “We’ve all heard that coaches can be life-changing and I was lucky enough to have experienced that with Tanisha. The coaching sessions are so well structured that by the end of each session you’d feel like you’ve unlocked a new version of yourself!”

Jimmy Monaco

I help leaders unlock maximum potential. With 10+ years of executive coaching, tech startup, finance and investing (private equity and hedge fund), and C-Suite / Board experience, I have personally been through nearly everything. As a former D1 athlete, 2x tech entrepreneur with two successful exits, and Wall Street investment banker, I provide executive coaching through real, tangible experience.

Nicole Kim

I empower my clients to make conscious and aligned choices to achieve their personal and professional goals with greater ease. With 8 years of experience in the highly demanding finance industry (private equity, hedge fund, investment banking), I understand how career pressures and stress can take over your life. Our coaching relationship gives you the space to take back control and live consciously and intentionally, leading to greater well-being. 

Trusted by leaders at

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& many other startups, VCs, & PE firms

Jimmy has been a great help so far, he helped me so much in figuring out why I do things & lead me to better decision-making. Jimmy also guided me through building an awesome team, fundraising, and communicating effectively with stakeholders. Never thought coaching would be that helpful!


David called me out on how I was putting unrealistic expectations and setting myself up for stress and failure. It was an “aha” moment” for me. He challenged me, shined light on things I couldn't see, and is helping me grow into an inspiring leader

Director of Product

Executive Coordinator

Tanisha helped me identify my strengths and how many leadership skills I already have. She helped me identify thought patterns holding me back and how to reprogram my behavior to make sure they don't hinder my professional success. She really took the time to listen, understand, and provide plans and resources.

Let’s Unleash Together

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